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Selected Work

Miami Condo Kings

Miami Condo Kings are a boutique agency that focuses on the hottest luxury condos in South Florida. For over 15 years they have helped people buy and sell over one billion dollars of real estate. My role was to create the new design, code it in HTML/CSS and work with the team to integrate it into WordPress.

  • Type : Real Estate
  • My Role : Mockups, Design, HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP
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Amatrra Skin & Hair Clinic

“Amatrra” is a center for world-class medical aesthetic solution. Along with world class expertise and Technology, Amatrra have highly qualified cosmetic and aesthetic experts meet you personally and understand your needs to customize the best solutions for your beauty & wellness. My role was to create complete UI/UX design and WordPress theme development, the challenge was to create innovative animations.

  • Type : Health and Medical
  • My Role : Complete website design
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Flexiguru helps you simplify and organize your learning, create your own course lists, choose to study in groups or even take a private tutoring from an instructor in any subject. Post your doubts and get clarifications. My role was to create best UI/UX design for the website, the challenge was to display a lot of information in a home page.

  • Type : Online Education
  • My Role : UI/UX Design
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Differentiate your personal brand, publish your digital assets, resumes are old, job portals and profiles are boring and do not produce results by themselves. Re-create the missing Personal touch. My job was to create a new brand and website. I’ve since provided ongoing support in updating job applications, and making updates as needed.

  • Type : Personal Branding Platform
  • My Role : Complete web design, Responsive HTML, CSS, PHP
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